The High Mesa Mystic Show

Interview With ChatGPT About Mysticism and Consciousness

March 19, 2023 Roger O Season 1 Episode 2
The High Mesa Mystic Show
Interview With ChatGPT About Mysticism and Consciousness
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In an unplanned and unexpected turn of events, my guest this week is ChatGPT. We discuss many of the same topics I look forward to talking with other guests about as this show gets rolling.

What does AI have to say to us and share with us regarding the topics of societal change, consciousness, and spiritual development?

The answer to that question may surprise you.

I asked the interview questions and received the answers using ChatGPT.  I then used an AI text to speech service from a company called ElevenLabs to give voice to ChatGPT's responses.

All of the pieces were then put together in the format of this podcast interview. 

Did this experience change my opinions on all things AI? Did this chatbot shift my energy? My perspective? Offer anything enlightening?

Answers to those questions will perhaps come at a later time. 

For now, I'm sharing this with you so that you can have your own experience with this material.

Whatever the future holds in store for us, it seems inevitable that we'll be dealing with AI on many different fronts. Some are excited about that, others not so much. Regardless of how we each feel, with this episode, I'm hoping to share some insight into what this stuff is capable of at this juncture in time.

Who knows, I may do an annual interview with it, just to see how it evolves over time.

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Episode Intro
Welcome & ChatGPT introduces itself
Kali Yuga
Age of Aquarius
Galactic connection & precession of the equinoxes
Local Interstellar Cloud (LIC)
When did we last move through LIC?
Center of the galaxy
The black sun & occult connections
Reiki origins
Usui on the mountain top
Other forms of energy work
Evidence of life energy affecting health
Dr Hiroshi Motoyama
Dr Motoyama's experiments
Project Stargate
Gateway Process
Evidence that consciousness is non-local?
How to understand something that may be from outside of time & space?
Practices to explore non-local consciousness
What would you say to skeptics?
Three books you'd recommend about the non-local nature of consciousness
How might the world improve if there was more awareness?
How would more awareness influence development of AI?
What role do you see tech playing in spirituality?
Thank you