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Autonomous Humans or Automatons? Let's talk about Exoconsciousness with Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

October 29, 2023 Roger O Season 2 Episode 1
The High Mesa Mystic Show
Autonomous Humans or Automatons? Let's talk about Exoconsciousness with Rebecca Hardcastle Wright
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This episode marks the return of the High Mesa Mystic Show after a brief hiatus. And what a great way to get things rolling again.

In this episode, you'll get to hear a bit about the personal journey and experiences that led to Rebecca's co-creation of the term Exoconsciousness. 

Here are a few of the topics discussed in this important and far-reaching conversation:

  • Rebecca's role as the co-creator of Exoconsciousness and founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness
  • The importance of authentic inner experiences and knowledge - as well as the importance of doing something in the real world with that knowledge
  • Overcoming resistance, programming, and fear of the unknown as obstacles to sharing experiences
  • The rabbit hole phenomenon & the "spiritual spine" needed to move beyond it
  • Delineating the choice humanity has ahead - following natural human consciousness vs pursuing artificial consciousness brought forward by the technocratic and transhumanist AI agenda
  • Tapping into a deeper level of consciousness beyond programming and societal narratives
  • Encounters with non-human entities possibly from other planets or dimensions
  • The importance of discernment and skepticism in the UFO Community
  • Working with experiencers and empowering them to have a voice in disclosure and advancement of the species
  • Discussion of technocracy as an economic system used for control 
  • The role technocracy and transhumanism is playing in current events

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Episode introduction
Rebecca's Bio
What's energizing Rebecca at this time
How far back in time does Exoconsciousness go?
Autonomous moral sovereignty & the role of free will
Rebecca's experiences leading up to co-creation of Exoconsciousness
The moment when Exoconsciousness entered
Conscious vs unconscious childhood experiences
Not being able to talk about subjective experience of spiritual beings
Rebecca's early outreach efforts in the spiritual community
Opposition in the UFO and Contactee communities
The national threat narrative and its impact and ripple effects
The importance of discernment
The importance of subjective knowledge in Exoconsciousness vs the path of being entertained
How does inner knowledge compete against fantasy and entertainment?
The rabbit-hole phenomenon and need for "spiritual spine"
Why it's so important for Exoconscious humans to know about social programming
How does continuity of consciousness ("life after death") fit (or not fit) in with Exoconsciousness?
How confusion is deployed to control humans
How exoconsciousness humans use their critical thinking skills in a multidimensional way
Wrapping up