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The High Mesa Mystic Show

Roger O

Hello and welcome to the High Mesa Mystic show, where we share stories of trials, triumphs, and transformation as we navigate times of great change. 

Topics we'll cover include: 

* Healing self & others in ways that embrace a deeper sense of our spiritual nature; 
* Creativity & bringing new paradigms to life despite volatile times; 
* Inner & outer guidance to help us gain clarity, insight, and light the way forward. 

Guests will include healers, helpers, and guides of all kinds, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs, along with experiencers, and exoconscious humans to help us expand our understanding of our place in the Universe. 

Along the way, we’ll be sure to stay grounded and connected to all that makes us human and nourishes the soul - including joy, humor, art, music, and gratitude. 

My name is Roger. I am an artist and energy worker coming to you from Taos, New Mexico. 

You can learn more about me and my practice at 

Thank you for checking out the show!